Acro Program 

GSD's Acro Program has made some changes!

Acro will be divided up into 3 levels: 

   - Level 1 - beginner to approx. 3 years of training 

   - Level 2 -  approx. 4-6 years of training

                 - dancers can move into this level if they can execute a set amount of required tricks 

                 -this level will focus on the building of Acro technique and strength

**ALL dancers must be able to do all required tricks before moving into level 3** 

    - Level 3- any level 2 dancers that has the ability to train more advanced Acro work 

**Any dancer that is in level 3 is strongly encouraged & welcome to take level 2 to help support their Acro work 

**November registration will be open for anyone that wants to be a part of the Competitive Team. This will include, choreography, costume, and competition. 

** An Acro Assessment Day will be held to determine the level that each dancer will be placed. This is up to the discretion of the teachers and the decision will be final**  

There will be a Preschool Acro Class. This class will be:

- 30 minutes long

- Sessional from September to December

- and it is open to anyone in the Preschool Program