Acro Program 

GSD's Acro Program has made some changes!

Acro will be divided up into 3 levels: 

   - Level 1 - beginner to approx. 3 years of training 

   - Level 2 -  approx. 4-6 years of training

                 - Dancers can move into this level if they can execute a set amount of required tricks 

                 -Level will focus on the building of Acro technique and strength

**ALL dancers must be able to do all required tricks before moving into level 3** 

    - Level 3- any level 2 dancers that has the ability to train more advanced Acro work 

**Any dancer that is in level 3 is strongly encouraged & welcome to take level 2 to help support their Acro work  

There will be a Preschool Kinder Acro Class. This class will be:

- 30 minutes long

- Day Time Class 10:00 - 10:30 Wednesday

- Sessional from September to December

- Open to anyone in the Preschool Program